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The average highly successful African Americans of today, rarely meet the members of their own extended race and community beyond parties and funerals. On the other hand, there are those reactionary elements of this community, which tend to eschew social integration in lieu of their desire to be seen to be part of their own community as the ‘be all and end all’ of their overall social existence.

In between these two extremities, a lot of African Americans aim to find a place for themselves. This is why it is imperative that the dynamic and accomplished members of their community should try to be more involved with their community as a whole. Let us study some of the success stories amongst the members of the African American community and see how they have impacted the whole community at a holistic level.

President Barak Hussain Obama

When it comes to influential African Americans, there is certainly no name that comes to the mind as much as that of ex. President Barak Hussain Obama.

President Obama made it to the peak of his career by running for and actually making it to the White House, not once but twice, by comfortably winning the elections against popular and powerful opponents.  Here is what other African Americans can learn from him.

·        To believe in the great American dream

President Barack Hussain Obama has been the living proof of the raw power we have when we actually start believing in all our dreams. The man went on to become the very first president of the United States of America who belonged to the African American community. Before he decided to run for election, the very idea of a black president was considered absurd for a significant part of the population of the country. However, that certainly did not stop him from aiming to achieve the impossible and to work hard for his dream, regardless of the nay-sayers.

It was the inherent belief in his own abilities and the total and utter disregard for any negative reactions from his detractors, regarding the color of his skin that made him the ultimate success story he went on to become eventually. Ultimately, it was his own intrinsic sense of self-respect and belief that allowed him to convince not just himself, but also everyone else that there are no impossibilities in America, especially with respect to class, creed, or the color of one’s skin. And the way he molded the nation and his community is a testament to the legacy he has left as one of the most popular presidents in American history. As a living role model for the community, he is a shining example of the fact that working to achieve one’s dreams is entirely possible for the African American community.

·        Never be afraid to show true feelings

A lot of African Americans tend to see the display of human emotions to be a sign of innate weakness, and this holds even more true for men than women of this race. However, nothing could be further from the truth. People often think that showing their feelings in front of other people is a sign of weakness. The truth is that being vulnerable and actually showing it is one of the greatest forms of courage and strength. The fact that President Obama was able to achieve what he aimed for is a beacon of inspiration to the entire African American community that they too can make it to their dreams, no matter how far-fetched they seem.

Barack and Michelle Obama have pretty much changed how many African Americans see themselves especially in relation to the country they live in. Now they have finally understood the full extent of their aims and ambitions and realize that the only thing holding them back is their own lack of confidence in their intrinsic abilities. Ultimately, the Obama family has gone on to inspire literally millions of other people of their race to give their dreams their all so that they too, could reach the pinnacle of success.

The (late) Reverend Martin Luther King Junior

The election of Barack Obama as the first African-American president of USA was the reality of the original dream and vision of the greatest emancipators of mankind, the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior. When he made his remarkable “I have a dream speech”, the whole public stood up and listened to and with time, it trickled down to just about each and every nook and cranny of the world, including not just in the USA but in Africa itself. It is difficult to imagine a world in which the Obamas would have been able to achieve all that they did, had it not been for individuals like the good Reverend.

In many ways, the culmination of the Reverend’s dream was the fulfillment of the most elusive of goals, that is, an African American sitting in the oval office. If Obama was the realist who made it all come true, then Rev. Luther was the visionary who dared to ‘dream the dream’. Between the two of them, they changed not just the African community, but also the world we live in, into a better place.


Ending Note

Now, it is up to the members of the current generation of young African Americans to take the torch and march on towards greater prosperity. However, it is incumbent on them to make sure that the less privileged members of the community are also able to enjoy the fruits of the success of the entire community. In fact, the current lack of interaction between the community’s success stories and the not so successful ones should be curtailed at the earliest, so that the rewards  of this increasing prosperity could be shared by all the members collectively.

“Our lives begin to end the day we stop caring about things that matter”

-          Rev. Martin Luther King Junior

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